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Tackling Food Waste

In Australia, 7.6 million tonnes of food is lost or wasted every year. And while 70% of this food is still perfectly edible, 1 in 6 Australian adults haven’t had enough to eat in the last year. On top of this, 1.2 million children have gone hungry during the same period.

Globally, as many as 811 million people were affected by hunger in 2020, a number expected to rise sharply due to COVID-19. Nearly one in three people in the world (2.37 billion) did not have access to adequate food in 2020.

While worldwide hunger continues to rise, an estimated one-third of food produced is lost or wasted, equaling around 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted.

Sadly, this means the resources used in food production are also wasted.

To put it simply, there is enough food on the planet to feed everyone. Fighting food waste plays a significant role in fighting hunger. Everyone has a part to play, from production right through to how we as consumers choose to shop, love ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables, and understand food labels.

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