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Food Futures is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) ID 45732. This means that it is able to provide students in vocational courses with nationally recognised certificates in areas within its scope of registration.

To be registered as an RTO, Food Futures has met strict quality assurance standards and it undergoes continuous improvement processes such as self-assessments and audits.


Food Futures must demonstrate that it complies with the Standards for National VET Regulator Registered Training Organisations. The CEO, General Manager and RTO Administration Manager lead and manage this process and rely upon the work of School VET Coordinators and VET Teachers to maintain compliance.

Food Futures works exclusively with secondary schools across Australia. We partner with schools that can demonstrate the ability to deliver and assess a VET program on site.

For this to occur a third-party agreement needs to be in place with each School delivering VET, which explains the partnership and outlines the responsibilities of Food Futures as the RTO and the partnering School regarding training delivery, assessment and quality assurance.

As a VET teacher working with us, you will be involved in the validation team for the training delivery and assessment of your programs industry area.



There is no difference in the requirements or rigor to issue a qualification to a student if the VET program is delivered at school or through a TAFE or private training provider. The students are receiving a nationally recognized credential within their senior secondary program and while the program may be at the introductory level, all the national standards and regulations apply.

Food Futures sets an expectation of quality, not only for the integrity of the certificate being undertaken and awarded but for the benefit of students.

We support schools – working with us is a true partnership

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